Dead PDA Battery Fix

If you own a PDA that is a couple of years old that needs a new internal battery, but doesn't want to shell out the extra 50 - 100 dollars to get it professionally replaced then this is the place for you!

I recently recieved an original Plam Zire from a friend of mine for FREE! The reason it was free is because it couldn't hold a charge anymore. Damn. So i thought of ways I could fix it. After lots of thinking I came up with the idea of creating an external battery pack and plugging it into the PDA through the charger plug. Now since my PDA needed 5 volts I thought that 4 AA's would do the trick with only 1 volt over.

I went to my local Radio Shack and I bought a 4 AA Battery pack. Similar to the one below.

I also bought a power connector similar to the one that my PDA uses.

I then wired up the charger connector positive to positive and negative to negative on the battery pack. I also glued the battery pack to the back of the PDA for convenience. I then put in 4 AA's. I turned it on and it worked. It worked great. This is what it looks like...

A shot of it all.
And a shot of it running off the battery pack.
This battery pack will run for a few hours which is nice. If you own a different Palm Pilot then simply do the same thing, but check the voltage and change the number of batteries the device will need. Thanks for reading.

I would love to hear some success stories so you can e-mail me at
As with any project you will see on the internet there is always a disclaimer. If you make a stupid mistake and you end up frying your PDA or something else bad happens then I will NOT BE RESPOSIBLE.

This is made by Andrew Rossignol!